When Celebrants Go Wedding Dress Shopping – Part 2

When Celebrants Go Wedding Dress Shopping – Part 2

When Two Become Seven!

Lessons learned and taken on board, knowing that my daughter was not going to choose my dream wedding dress but her dream wedding dress, what was I thinking; I relaxed and newly armed with my own barrage of questions we excitedly set off to Cardiff for a fresh forage into wedding dresses; the only slight complication, two had become seven as the Bridesmaids were joining us!

Day Two – Shop Four – Dresses 10-16

We arrived at our first appointment – all seven of us and waited to be shown up to the dressing area. I now consider myself to be an expert, so in my best Celebrant voice I professionally quiz the assistant on all the suitable facts I now consider to be paramount to choosing the shop to purchase ‘THE ONE’ from; well it impressed the bridesmaids anyway!

Things become a little foggy here, because I lose count of how many dresses Chelsea tries on, I’m going with six, however the final one was very close to being ‘THE ONE’. Hallelujah could this be it, Chelsea, the bridesmaids and myself all love it, by jingo I think we’ve cracked it!

We retire for cocktails and contemplation. In excited anticipation, all six of us have only one question in mind! Bursting our bubble Chelsea slowly but firmly shakes her head. On the bright side she feels that it was nearly there, if only she could have the top from that one and the bottom from dress three shop one!

Suitably replete we continue to the next shop

Day Two – Shop Five – Dresses 16-19

Having imbibed a little alcohol, we are now all experts and enter shop five with high hopes, Beautiful and welcoming we felt sure this was ‘THE SHOP’. Having scrambled together an assortment of six seats from chairs to stools to boxes we wait in high expectation for dress 16. Sadly not ‘THE ONE’ and neither was 17, 18 or 19!

On a positive note we conclusively know what is not ‘THE ONE’ and that it is not as easy as I originally thought!

Day 3 – Retracing Our Steps

The call we have been waiting for finally arrives, shop one has the dress from London and it is available for viewing, my daughter and I piggy-back this with an appointment in shop seven. A stormy blustery day greets us on our drive to Mumbles but in high anticipation, warm coat and winter boots we haul ourselves up the hill past Oystermouth Castle to the first shop we visited.

Shop one & six – Dress 20

A beautiful and precisely described ivory dress awaits us on arrival. Now, it’s at this point I must inform you that shop 1/6 is beautiful with lovely and helpful assistants, nice coffee and accessories and absolutely gorgeous dresses but sadly dress number 20 was not ‘THE ONE’ for my daughter!


Day Three – Shop Seven

Suitable rejuvenated with tea and scones shop seven emerges to be a huge disappointment – not the shop itself but the fact they could not offer even one dress in the required style or design. We lick our wounds and head home.

Day Three – Shop Eight

I have an epiphany! Whilst shopping in a garden centre I recall a bridal shop, ringing them they confirm we can drop in at 4pm. On arrival we were slightly perturbed at the lack of dresses on show, precisely none! CCTV everywhere and signage ordering us not to touch the dresses, hmmm interesting considering that we can’t see any to touch. The lovely Linda quizzes Chelsea as to what her desired design and style is, she then disappeared like Mr Ben through a door returning, like magic with 10 dresses for her consideration informing us “Don’t be afraid to say no”. Chelsea wasn’t, and she did…to all 10! We go home for tea.

Watch this space for more antics on day four – The Final Countdown

With Love KB – Family Celebrant

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