When Celebrants Go Wedding Dress Shopping!

When Celebrants Go Wedding Dress Shopping!

Un-exhaustive Tips on Buying a Wedding Dress

Part 1 – Caffeine & Consideration

As the Mother of a Bride to be I was delighted at the thought of wedding dress shopping with my little baby girl. Size 8, very petite, blonde and gorgeous I knew she was going to look a good in anything!

Day One – Shop One – Dresses 1-4

We visited a very high class, high quality and sumptuous designer shop in Mumbles where the service was 5* and the dresses were to die for! From a selection of probably one hundred Chelsea chose just three to try on – the alarm bells should have rung then! Indeed, she looked gorgeous in all three and the fourth, which I forced her to try on (my dream wedding dress sadly not my daughters!) Unfortunately, none of them proved to be ‘THE ONE’. However, we booked a second appointment due to the fact they had exactly what she wanted in their London store and would get it sent down. Yes, I thought we’ve cracked it! #CelebrantsRock


Day One – Shop Two – Dresses 5-7

Ad-hoc we dropped into a bridal shop in Swansea with no appointment. Huge taboo always make an appointment! They did however ‘squeeze’ us in and showed us three suitable dresses, sadly none of those were ‘THE ONE’.

Day One – Shop Three – Dresses 8-10

With an appointment we entered the third store, still a little green around the gills and apprehensive after the lukewarm service we had in shop two, I won’t lie to you, I was a little nervous. At the top of the stairs we were met with a barrage of questions along the lines of:

  • “What’s your budget?”
  • “How many dresses have you tried on?”
  • “Where have you been before us?”
  • “Have you got insurance”
  • “Will they hold the dress for you until the wedding date?”
  • “Will they steam and make it wedding ready?”
  • “Are the alterations included in the price?”
  • “What style do you want?”

The assistant, incredulous at the fact that she had tried on 7 dresses and not found ‘THE ONE’ promptly showed us three dresses she deemed suitable to the desired style. Sadly, none of which turned out to be ‘THE ONE’.

We quickly retired to Costa for caffeine and consideration! My poor daughter looked at me tearfully and said, “Until this morning I had never tried on a wedding dress!”

In fact, hindsight told me that actually, the third assistant had been most helpful and nudged me to consider all the above questions and more at any future appointments.


Watch this space for more antics on wedding dress shopping day two – When Two Become Seven!


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